Time Management For The Dental Hygiene Patient Appointment

Do You Feel Like You Are Running on a Treadmill?

Does it Feel Like You Never Have Enough Time To Do Everything You Need To Do, To Provide Optimal Patient Care?

Grab This Free Resource and Discover How You Can Get Off the Treadmill. Learn How To Work Stress-Free and Get All Patient Services Completed On Time.


WHAT THIS eBOOK Will Provide:

What you need to know to provide optimal patient care and stay on time.

"I enjoy Debbie's informative webinars, the valuable programs and resources she provides. I really look forward to this information as it provides so much wisdom and practical advice. Debbie not only gives creative tools for improvement, but ways to utilize them as well.”

Lynne Byrne, RDH

A Guide For All Dental Hygiene Departments

This eBook consists of information for the dental team who has a hygiene department. Whether you believe things are already running well in your office, you will definitely benefit from reading and implementing this time management information. Also, you receive a $500 Gift Certificate to use for the future success of your dental practice. 

"Plan your work for today and every day, then work your plan."
~ Margaret Thatcher

An eBook Based On Facts

This ebook was written based off my experience as a clinical dental hygienist. I felt like I was running on a treadmill and I enjoy people. Every day felt like I didn't have enough time let alone quality time with my patients. There is so much we need to complete for our patients in today's world of dental hygiene to provide optimal health. How can we actually provide valuable treatment to our patients and make them feel like we are providing the very best care for them? There is JUST SO much we have to complete! This eBook provides effective time management information that works for hygienists to stay on time. These tools will also get patients to say "YES" to more care at your dental office. Not only will patients be happy to pay for your services but they will continue returning to your office.